Show Notes


Carl's Topics

  • Windows 10 features that Apple needs to steal
    • Task bar
    • Split screen
    • Closing an app
    • Icon Notification Numbers
    • Live Tiles
    • Keyboard
    • Text Selection
  • Apple features that Windows needs to steal
    • Phone/device parity - calls, messages, etc.
    • Skype as a 100% integrated solution like iMessage and Facetime
    • Trackpad virtual desktop swipe & trackpad tech
    • Apps!!!!
  • Importance of learning new languages

Jason's topics

  • VPN tests
    • A Netflix video started 1 min earlier on ethostream
    • Everyone is starting to throttle
  • Microsoft 2016 Requests - make Microsoft do your bidding
    • Sell boring things at cost. Make money on the interesting things.
      • Windows
      • Xbox
      • Make digital games cheap and kill the secondary market
    • Dominate the premium market
    • Focus on UserVoice & transparency
      • Public, quarterly response to top 10 UserVoice requests for every product
    • Microsoft products should do magical things when they get together
    • Look at the competition for inspiration, not to copy
    • Quality
  • Being a fanboy
    • Everyone mixes multiple device types
    • Be objective by using everything
    • Guess what, your hardware isn't important, and your OS isn't either.

Azure pick of the week

  • Power Apps
    • Build using a windows app
    • Deploy to any platform in seconds
    • Build logic flows
      • I built one to put tweets in a spreadsheet

Dev Tip of the Week

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