Show Notes


Dear listeners of the MS Dev Show Podcast,

We have some news to share with you regarding the future of our podcast. We want to let you know that we will no longer be producing new episodes of the show. We understand that this news may come as a disappointment to many of you, and we want to take a moment to explain our decision.

Over the years, we've had the pleasure of sharing our love of development with you and connecting with the community we've built together. We've appreciated all of the support, feedback, and engagement from our listeners, and we're grateful for the opportunity to have shared our insights and discussions with you.

However, we've decided that it's time for us to move on to other projects and explore new opportunities. While it's been a difficult decision to make, we believe that it's the right one for us at this time.

We want to thank each and every one of you for being a part of the MS Dev Show community. We've enjoyed talking with you and sharing our experiences and knowledge. If you'd like to reach out to us, you can still do so via email or social media. We'll do our best to respond to your messages and stay connected with you.

We hope that the episodes we've shared with you have been informative, entertaining, and valuable. We're proud of the work we've done, and we hope that it's helped you in your own development journey.

Thank you again for your support, and we wish you all the best in your future endeavors.


The MS Dev Show Podcast Team

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