We want you to sound as amazing as possible. Recording your own audio track will significantly increase the audio quality of your episode. It takes only seconds to set up with a free tool called Audacity.

(we also have backups on our end, so no need to stress)

Before/During the Show

  1. Download Audacity from here. Don't worry, it's free and a small (24mb) download.
  2. In Audacity, select your microphone, switch to mono, and press the record button.

    Audacity Setup

After the Show

  1. Hit the Stop button.
  2. File->Export Audio...

    Export Audio Menu Item

  3. Be sure to select FLAC as the file type. Name the file anything you like.

    Export Audio File Name

  4. No metadata is needed, just hit OK.

    Export Audio Metadata

  5. Upload your file here, or just put it somewhere we can get it.


  • What if I'm unsure which microphone is correct? Do a test recording before the show, and tap on the mic you're using. Listen to the recording. Be sure to discard that track before recording for the show