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You! MVPs! Microsoft Employees! Tech Enthusiasts! And anyone else you feel like inviting. We will be recording an episode of the MS Dev Show with James Whittacker. We've even confirmed that Dona Sarkar will be there representing all of the Windows Insiders. There are a ton more cool people that have been invited too, so show up. Who knows who you'll bump in to!


Yes! We're throwing a huge shindig at Boardwalk in the Microsoft Commons. We love mingling with our listeners and can't wait to meet you. Oh yeah, there will be a band too.

There is no need to RSVP, we're not making you sign up or anything else. There is no charge to enter. We want you to be there, and we want to make this as easy on you as possible.

You will not go hungry or thirsty, the staff is prepared to feed a horde! We're not buying drinks, but we're also not making a dime off of this event. So bring your monetary units of choice, convert them to US dollars, and enjoy dinner and beverages with us.


Be there between 6 and 10pm on Saturday Nov 5th.


We will be meeting at the Boardwalk Restaurant in the Microsoft Commons. They have plenty of room for tons of people, so share the word!


Why not? We'll be there anyways, and want to meet you, our listeners! So bring your friends, co-workers and significant others. It's going to be a blast!

Live Music!

Get ready for Hush!

Logan & Shea, both 19, met at the Roberts Music Institute in Bellevue, WA. While fronting separate bands, they discovered their mutual admiration for Led Zeppelin & began playing guitar/mandolin duets as an opening act for their respective bands. Going to California and That’s the Way are still part of their set. This led to a collaboration that will take you through the years from the 60s and 70s with bands like the Doors, Pink Floyd and the Rolling Stones through the Nirvana years all the way to the present w/ covers of Cage The Elephant, The Black Keys & Jack White. Prepare to see two young guitar players who will mesmerize you with their string work and blow you away with their vocal harmonies!


These kind of events are fun, but to have a LOT of fun, we need sponsors. Please thank folks from the kind companies below.

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