Show Notes




  • SDK 2.6
  • Data lake service
    • HDFS compatible file system
    • Unlimited storage
    • Optimized for high throughput, low latency
  • Project Oxford
    • Face detection
    • Speech recognition
    • Vision information API
  • Service Fabric
  • SQL Database
    • SQL DB Transparent data encryption public preview
    • SQL DB Service Tier Advisor public preview - asses performance needs
    • Elastic Data Pool
    • Full-text Search
  • More than 500 new features in Azure in the past year
  • Over 50 trillion storage objects

#Visual Studio


  • Project Spartan is now Edge
  • .NET support on Linux in Docker
  • .NET core preview for Linux and Mac
  • Additionally, run and debug .NET on Linux, in a Docker container
  • .NET 4.6 RC for Windows
  • Nano server
    • Admin GUIs on servers are poison
    • It's just a deployment option
    • Features are pulled in separately, not on disk
    • Hyper-V, aspnet, clustering support
    • Configuration via core PowerShell and WMI
    • Uses core Clr, most core engine components
    • Nano server is a subset of the full server surface area
    • An app that works on nano server will run on the full server
    • Optional Reverse forwarders package allows you run non-nano apps and silently fail on unsupported api calls
    • Lots of things can run with the reverse forwarders like Java, node.js
    • Less than 3 minutes to install
    • 400mb vs 5+gb for full server
    • Inject drivers in image before install
  • Office has a unified endpoint for all API calls
    • Add-ins run everywhere that office does
  • Pre-recorded Sessions

Apps of the Week

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