Show Notes


VS Connect 2015

Visual Studio Code

  • Open source on GitHub
  • Extension support and marketplace
    • Jason's first picks: Tslint, spelling & grammar, open in GitHub - Already used these and improved his code!
  • Support for new languages
  • Being used by the Angular 2 team
    • 45% of angular users are using Typescript?!!?


  • ASP.NET 5 RC1 is out with .NET Core and has a Go Live License. This means you can go into production with ASP.NET 5 on Windows or Linux and Microsoft will support you.
  • Working on compile .NET to native on Linux - fully embedded .NET in the single executable
  • Csharp scripting
    • Create a .CSX and execute with CSI.exe

Visual Studio




  • WPF is NOT dead!

App of the Week

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